‘Show quality’ Burmese kittens

Maybe you've been to a cat show and decided you want to show your Burmese kitten. Maybe you've discussed breeding with your choice of breeder, found yourself a mentor and are hoping that your new kitten will win awards.

Here’s the trick. There is absolutely no guarantee a breeder can give you that the kitten you are buying will win awards. They can advise you that the kitten they are selling has show potential… but not that it will win awards.

You can go to a breeder with impeccable breeding lines, choose a kitten that at six weeks has great show potential… only to find at thirteen weeks that this promise has failed to develop and shine through.

Then of course, the kitten with a long line of champions behind it that you’ve been told has the ability to win awards could well go forward and become the next star on the bench.

Conversely, the kitten that didn’t come from multi-award winning lines just might have that magical combination and be a winner.

This is the beauty of genetics… you can try, but in the end nature will win out and do it’s own thing.

So, don’t expect too much from the breeder. In fact, if you are told that a kitten is definitely a winner… you have to take this with a pinch of salt. Breeders are perfectly entitled to their opinions, and many will give you very honest and accurate assessments of their kittens but remember… there really are no guarantees.

To put all this in perspective… first and foremost you are giving a home to a truly wonderful animal. The Burmese breed makes a fantastic pet and will give you hours upon hours of love and entertainment, especially if you have two!

PS. One last thought... you may want to show your kitten, but does your kitten want to be shown? You might have the most beautiful kitten but if it doesn't like being in a small pen all day, surrounded by unfamiliar cats and being handled by complete strangers your show days might be numbered anyway!