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Wonder what the breeders say about loveBurmese? Here are some of their kind words!
This an excellent idea
Debbie Peters, Elliechlo
Delighted to be included!
Claire Lewis, Fandango
Love the website - well done!
Sandra Woodley, Honpuss
Your web site is super
Perri Hutchison, Irrep
A superb reference point
Julie Cherkas, Jusarka
This is a very professional service
Paula Clarke, Karlac
Twe really like the way your site is set up
Jordan Mooney and Sally Reid, Mainman
Great site
Gill Allen, Minahto
Well done on all the good work
Judith Brimsden, Purranza
Really impressed by your site
Diana Cornhill, Toxotis
Very good site, well done
Rosie Alger-Street, Typha-Typhast
I think the site is excellent
Naomi Johnson, Vervain
A superb site for Burmese lovers across the UK
Christine Stalker, Vintarn