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cat shows & exhibitions

Our show pages are not up-to-date at the moment, you could try looking on the GCCF website for more information.

If you want to talk to Burmese breeders, go to a cat show...

Breeders come in all shapes and sizes. Some love to show their cats, they love the whole show experience, they enjoy winning their classes and the kudos that brings to their 'prefix' and the pedigrees of the cats themselves. Others show infrequently, some chose not to show at all.

Showing isn't for everyone, it's a particular environment that not all breeders feel the need to be a part of. That doesn't say anything about the breeder one way or the other... I know one breeder very well who rarely shows, whose queen wouldn't do too well in competition but who produces show winning kittens with a wonderful temperament. There is no hard and fast rule.

It is, however, a great place to research the colour of your cat-to-be, meet some of the breeders (who are, understandably, passionate and proud of their cats and kittens) and generally be amazed by the Burmese breed.

Again, attending these shows is not for everyone. The cats are in (meticulously clean) pens, so some will be delighted to see you (and say so, loudly), some will be fed up with the attention and decide to sleep under their blankets, others will get bored and shred their entry number cards (much to the dismay of the judges) rather than play with their own toys.