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Burmese cat breeder list and kitten availability

A list of names, contact details and websites for Burmese cat breeders and Burmese kittens for sale in the UK

What is 'LoveBurmese'?

loveBurmese has been created for breeders of Burmese cats and anyone who is hoping to find a Burmese kitten in the UK. We show details for around 100 Burmese breeders in England, Scotland and Wales… along with a list of Burmese kittens for sale supplied by breeders whose details are shown on our regional pages.
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Breeder pages

If you are looking for a Burmese breeder in your area, you'll probably find them here. We have contact details and website addresses for around 100 Burmese breeders on these pages, listed by region, county and town.
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Kitten pages

Hoping to find a Burmese kitten for sale? We have details of litters from Burmese breeders appearing on loveBurmese. There's also an 'advice to kitten buyers' page to help you with your search.
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Cat pages

If you are thinking about giving an older Burmese cat a home, this is a good place to start. We occasionally receive details from Burmese breeders listed on the site who know of an adult Burmese cat looking for a loving home.

Why 'LoveBurmese'?

I had the idea to create a list of Burmese cat breeders in the UK on loveBurmese after weeks of trying to find a Burmese kitten – I had my heart set on a blue girl. I looked at several different sites that listed Burmese breeders and found some sites had contact details, some addresses, some websites... but few had all the details I wanted in one place, organised so that I could easily find Burmese kittens closest to me.

As my notes became longer and longer, a spreadsheet took over… rather than waste all that information, I decided to make a few simple pages that may be of use to those of you who want to get on the kitten-chase merry-go-round.

Of course, your first point of contact might be the Kitten Availability pages which are used by several of the breeders listed on loveBurmese. You might also want to look at the holders of the various 'kitten lists' which are maintained by the three Burmese cat organisations who administer them.

However, most Burmese breeders I spoke to were very helpful and often let me know when they were expecting their next litter, or even when they hoped to put their queen to stud. You can begin to decide for yourself if the breeder 'sounds right' for you when you contact them. Keep in mind that breeders will also be even more keen to make sure you are right for their kittens!