How much does a burmese kitten cost?

The cost of a kitten will vary from breeder to breeder… how well established and well regarded their breed lines are, and to some extent where they are located.

You should expect to pay around £800 for a Burmese kitten. If you see a kitten advertised for much less, be careful! Just have a read of the earlier blog item titled ‘Don't go cheap on kittens’.

Anything under £800, put it towards pet insurance. Anything over... well, it'll come back to you manyfold over the years.

When I found one of our two Burmese, the breeder said to me "Do you know the reason I was so happy to let you have one of my kittens? You didn't ask about the price". Bit extreme I know, but I had researched roughly how much a kitten would be… if I was prepared to pay that and commit to the cat, then a few pounds either way would not stop me from going ahead.

Think carefully if you feel tempted to negotiate a discount, especially when buying two or more kittens. If you do, keep in mind that the kittens suddenly become a commodity, and the breeder may view your commitment to her babies as less than ideal. I've seen it, believe me! Having said that, a breeder may offer to reduce the price for more than one kitten… but that ought to be up to them.

I'll do a little (rather clinical) maths here… If you are lucky enough to have your Burmese with you for 20 years (I was), trying to negotiate £50 off the cost of your kitten might save you £2.50 a year. Believe me, you will receive love and entertainment from your Burmese over the years to far outweigh that tiny saving.

Last of all, there's a misconception that breeders make a good profit from their kittens. They don't! They do it for the love of the breed… there are quite a few breeder websites listed on loveBurmese that give excellent accounts of the costs involved (not only financial but also time spent) in breeding. Go hunting, they really are eye-openers.

The bottom line? Decide to buy a Burmese. Find the breeder that suits you. Fall head over heels for a kitten. Open your cheque book. Easy!