Don't go cheap on kittens

You should expect to pay around £800 for a kitten. Now, for those of you who step back in amazement and decide to search Google for a less expensive kitten… please don't.

You will find people advertising kittens for substantially less money. Let me assure you right away that you do get what you pay for and there is almost certainly something 'wrong' with the seller or kitten.

My favourite advert recently was for a 'rare black Burmese'. Extremely rare. So rare in fact that none of the feline governing bodies, clubs or societies recognise that a black Burmese actually exists. Therefore, not surprisingly, it is not a pure burmese with an impeccable pedigree. It's a ringer. Or, more likely, a ‘Bombay’.

There are many, many reasons why you shouldn't buy one of these kittens if you are looking for a true Burmese. Here's one that could give your wallet a reason to stop and think twice; what about the health issues associated with a kitten from a less than genuine breeder and the resulting vet bills?

If you've researched the breed, or know someone with a Burmese cat, you already understand what amazing animals they are. Why would you risk having a cat that may not display the true Burmese characteristics?!

When you contact a breeder, don't be put off if you suddenly feel as if you are interviewing for a job. Breeders are normally passionate about their kittens, and want to know for sure that they are going to a good loving home. You are not asking about any old kitten here, you are looking for a Burmese!

You should be able to meet the breeder and see the litter with their mother. Be very suspicious if you are not allowed to do so. If the breeder is kind enough to let you see their facilities, all the better.

Finding the right kitten for you can be an amazing experience… make sure you are not disappointed. Use our pages to find a breeder near to you and drop them a line.